Jan 21, 2020
George Sayler
Tubbs Hill Foundation

Whether it be the crunch of gravel under hiking boots, the solid chomp of snow underfoot, beating sun or unrelenting wind, the stunning vistas from Tubbs Hill dominate the senses and gratifies all who venture upon its trails. The fate of this gem within the heart of Coeur D'Alene, hung in the balance as it was coveted by builders and utility interests alike.  With the best of intensions, the community came together to fight for its preservation.  Through tenacity, community effort and “a whole lot of luck,” Tubbs Hill remains for all to enjoy.  Preservation of this treasure, in no small part, resides in the selfless dedication of those who serve on the Tubbs Hill Foundation.

It is Sunrise Rotary Club’s unique honor to host George Sayler who has served on the Tubbs Hill Foundation since 2008.  Mr. Sayler, a lifelong nature lover whose roots were in Missoula, Montana, is no stranger to service.  An Army veteran who served his country in Vietnam, a high school educator who served the students of the Coeur d’Alene community, and a former Idaho Legislature Representative who served his state, Mr. Sayler received his advanced education at the University of Montana and Hartford Seminary in Connecticut.  Now retired from teaching, Mr. Sayler will share with our group an update on the fine work that The Tubbs Hill Foundation continues to do to preserve this scenic treasure.  Set your alarms, arise early, join your Rotary colleagues at 7:00 AM, on Tuesday, January 21, to start your day with a breakfast certain to delight the palate, a feisty cup of coffee, and a great guest speaker.