Nov 26, 2019
Ralph Kerr
The beauty of Nature in Photography

A native of the “high plains state,” Ralph Kerr grew up with a deep appreciation for the freedom and simplicity of North Dakota farm life.  Describing his childhood surroundings as idyllic for a young boy, Ralph nonetheless chose a professional life in accounting and the stringent requirements of a CPA.  Crunching numbers in office confines where the stress of tight timelines and precision can extract a toll, Ralph, with the full support of his family, sought photography as an outlet and touchstone to his love of nature.  In retirement this has become his passion.  Join Sunrise Rotary on Tuesday, November 26, sip coffee among friends, enjoy the first meal of the day and let Ralph Kerr takes us on a stroll through nature as he allows us to peek through the lens of his camera and observe nature at its best.