Jan 28, 2020
Jacob Garringer
North Idaho Field Director | Office of the Governor

“Dear $NICK_NAME$,”

In Idaho’s constituency there is no shortage in diversity on just how we believe our state should be run.  Solidly proud of the state’s abundance of natural beauty and the value therein, this often collides with our interest to tap into our abundance of natural resources.  As our demographics evolve, so do our beliefs on how best to conduct state business.  Transitioning from a natural-resource-based economy to a broad spectrum of alternatives while maintaining a prudent balance requires an understanding of the issues, interests, and opportunities.  To assist Governor Little on these and other issues are a cadre of talented staff.  It is our unique honor to host one such individual on January 28.

Jacob Garringer, North Idaho Field Director, Office of the Governor, an active Coeur d’Alene native, graduated from Charter School, was an Eagle Scout, a Student Representative for Coeur d'Alene Planning and Zoning Commission and a member of the CDA 2030 project.  He is a graduate of Lewis University in Romeoville, Illinois, with a BA in International Relations. Jacob spent one year with AmeriCorps before receiving his MS in Political Science from London's Global University, in London, England.  As North Idaho Field Director for the Governor’s office, Jacob will share highlights about state and local activities that are of interest to Idaho residents.  Start your day with an early breakfast, a hot cup of “wakey juice,” and a high-octane presentation.