In 2005/2006, Rotary’s Centennial Year, our club established a “Twin Club” relationship with the Hilton & Howick Rotary club in South Africa with a goal to complete an international project together. At that time, the H&H club was running ...a soup kitchen at a community center in KwaZulu Natal (aka Sweetwaters) and they had identified a need for a pre-school to serve AIDS orphans. We partnered with the H&H club on a Rotary Foundation Matching Grant project to provide playground equipment, desks, chairs, chalkboards, school supplies and daily food (for a year) for 25 kids and 2 teachers. We also sent two Zulu ladies to Midlands Community College to become certified pre-school teachers, as required by the SA government for an approved crèche (one of the teachers died of pneumonia a couple of years later). Our club provided seed money for the first few years until the pre-school was able to start collecting a minimal tuition for each student. After the H&H club lost its lease on the community center, the pre-school was moved to a local public school and the H&H club built a classroom for the pre-school class. In recent years, we partnered with the H&H club and the Lakeland Sunrise Rotary Club on a District Simplified Grant to build a septic system and a flush toilet for the pre-school class, the first flush toilet on the school grounds (the rest of the grades at the school use portable toilet blocks). Two more flush toilets have now been added! The pre-school is now self-sustaining and is overseen by the H&H club. We currently have 55 pre-school students in the class. Wonderful project! (Thanks Karen Cook for the description)

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