We had a full house this morning with 80% of our members and many guests.  Dr. Bill Proser introduced the Student of the Month from Charter Academy, Isabel Bartosh, a junior who was joined by her Mom and her drama teacher. 
     Joanna, using the 4-Way Test as a theme, honored her daughter Marjorie-Ann with a Paul Harris Fellowship.       
     Rudy Klein gave us a long-awaited update on his humanitarian missions to Haiti.  His church is affiliated with the Haiti Endowment Fund and they support the building of churches, provide 4 medical/dental trips per year, have built schools, a garden and a Talapia farm.  Rudy's job on the missions is maintenance (ensuring power and water) and his wife, Nancy, is the trip organizer/team manager and cook.  Great work done by Sunrise past-president Rudy, his wife, and their church.