Feb 25, 2020 7:00 AM
Greg Helbling
Pacific Crest/Continental Divide trails/Canada to Mexico Bike Ride

True to the quote “Bicycling is life with the volume turned up,” the TOUR Divide Mountain Bike Route shouts ADVENTURE!  Weaving through the Continental Divide, the trail is divided into five geographical sections that offer unrelenting challenge, spectacular and scenic terrain.  Easy scenic sections are punctuated with passes where the “Ups” generate lactic burning legs, scorched lungs, and searing beauty.  The “downs” demand attention…rock strewn, steep and at times leaving the rider in a semi controlled free fall as the hands ache with the squeezing of the “sissy levers…brakes.”  Remote is the best description of this ride.  Geographically this region is as remote as any place in the lower 48 of the United States and as such, offers a bicycle ride of a lifetime.

Greg Helbling, modest and quick to assign acclaim to others, has through the years teamed up with a crew of audacious cyclists pushing the envelope looking for “the next best ride.” Raised in Moscow, Idaho and graduating from the University of Idaho in Education, Greg relocated to Colorado to work with youth, introducing them to outdoor adventures.  Starting his own business took him back to Idaho but not before he developed an interest in bicycling after completing a Triathlon in 2002.  Always looking for a great ride, he and friends created what they call the Triple Bypass Bike Ride…let’s leave that to your imagination.  Greg Helbling, along with “The Brainchild” Barry McHugh, Chris Stewart, and John Mitchell, took on the 2,700-mile Tour Divide Mountain Bike Route in sections spanning five years.  It is our great pleasure to have Greg, along with several of his cycling friends, join us at Sunrise Rotary on February 25, 2020.  Prepare for a great breakfast, multiple cups of “jumper juice” and a presentation about one of the most inspiring bicycle rides that our beautiful country has to offer.